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Company Background

Xetri Evolution Travel and Tour Corporation

XETRI EVOLUTION TRAVEL AND TOUR CORPORATION known asXTREME EVOLUTION” started from Brylle Travel and Tours which has been in this business since 2006, 10 years of trusted service in the Travel and Tour Business Industry. The magnificent idea of our CEO Mr. Brylle Nicon Apduhan has built an innovation of COMBINING a TRADITIONAL BUSINESS. WE are the FIRST in the World with 4 in 1 Multi-Level Marketing strategy which started November 2015. This opens this exciting adventure of BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY for ALL people who would want to start their Travel and Tour Business with a very minimal capital investment. It is established as a Corporation and is duly registered with the SECURITY AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION (SEC) and secure all such permit needed such as BIR,Mayors Permit and other legal documents needed and operate such bussiness.



Our direction starts with our Mission. The company serves as the root of success to every individual; That every individual will have a chance to improve their lifestyle to the next level. That every individual will have the opportunity to enjoy and experience good life while working at the same time. That every individual may have the ability to achieve their goals and plans. That every individual will learn how to serve others and as well as lead others direction in their path to success.


To be globally known as highly competitive Filipino Corporate Leaders in terms of high quality service that we provide in explorative ways in bringing more products and services worldwide as we offer unique and flexible income opportunities for these individuals. Our VISION to train and build great leaders serve as the framework of our direction for us to meet both business and pleasure to its extremity, to be nurtured to be effective leaders, business owners and partners in order to achieve and learn the beauty of self- reliance, experience good quality lifestyle and to expand multiple income availability.

Message from the CEO/President

-Mr. Brylle Nicon P. Apduhan

“Social media is very important in this business. When more people are seeing your success, say you got tons of appreciation and gratitude from your partners and clients on your Facebook timeline, plus a numerous posts of great deal travel offers and pictures of different places that you visited, the more curious they are about on how you’re doing it. The next step is obvious, share the opportunity with them.” – Brylle Nicon Apduhan, CEO/President Xetri Evolution Travel and Tour Corporation

“Xtreme Evolution knows travel, and will help train you on how to build a travel business; it’s what makes us different. We will give you staff to assist you wherever you are and whatever you need. NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY. You can be a part of us if you just have a good attitude, and a love of travel, service to others and a desire to be successful. If you have those, then you’re on your way.

  • 2016 Asia Pacific outstanding young entrprenuer awardee 
  • 2016 National Costumer's Choice Award outanding achiever in travel services industry
  • 2017 TOP CHOICE AWARDEE "Outanding ceo of the year
  • 2017 GLOBAL ACHIVER AWARDEE 'Most leader in MLM Bussiness Industry  

"Extreme evolution knowns travel and will help train you and how to build a travel bussines;its what makes as different we will give you staff to assist you whatever you are and whatever you need NO EXPIRIENCE IS NECESSARY.you can be apart of us if you just have a good attitude,and a love of travel,service to others and desire to be succesfull,if you have those,then you're on your way.There was never been a better time to get out and see the world while getting paid for it.with Extreme Evolution System,everthing about travel is possible"!